High-Speed Automatic Paging Machine (Variable Frequency)
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High-Speed Automatic Paging Machine (Variable Frequency)


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Power 180W
Voltage 220V
Conveyor Speed 10-110m/min
Ideal In New Only
Paging made Friction type
Separate Width 65-300mm
Separate Length 40-320mm
Separate Thickness 0.02-5mm
Speed Regulation Variable Frequency
Dimension 2200x340x750mm


1, introduced stepless speed regulation and high speed automatic page 60-600 / minutes.

2, automatic counting, also can set automatically paged quantity, to demand paging quantity automatic stop, clubs set range 1-1-9999

3. Tabs, high speed, high precision, production efficiency.

4. Structural design qualified, easy and fast replacement .

5. Optional accessories: Automatic receiving device paged machine separate count down source

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Dimensions 75 × 22 × 34 cm