Portable Fiber Laser Welding & Soldering Machine Nepal
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Portable Fiber Laser Welding & Soldering Machine Nepal


  1. This portable laser welding machine is mainly for welding 3mm thin metal sheets. Unlike traditional YAG welding technology, it’s easier to deform the thin plate metal welding.
  2. The laser mode of this fiber welding machine is in continuous light mode, so the welding surface is smooth.
  3. Users can quickly learn to operate this laser welding machine China, it saves technical labor costs.
  4. A variety of hand-held laser welding heads are available for this portable laser welding machine china. Different hand-held welding laser heads can be selected for various requirements such as metal parts, internal welding, right-angle welding, narrow-side welding, and large spot welding.
  5. Heat affected zone is small and the deformation of the laser soldering machine due to heat conduction is also lower.
  6. High in efficiency. Traditional welding adopts arc welding, the work efficiency is low. This portable laser welding machine china breaks through the traditional practice and adopts directional point-to-point welding, which is 10-15 times faster than ordinary welding method, thus, has higher working efficiency.
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portable fiber laser welding machine adopts continuous fiber laser source. It’s a fiber and metal welding machine.

Adopting industrial integrated design, the structure is compact and beautiful, laser beam mode is good and can make the energy concentrate. So the machine’s performance is stable and reliable, with long lifespan consumables.

The fiber laser welding head adopts water-cooled design, so it won’t get over-heated during welding, small diameter, easy for hand-holding.

This laser soldering machine can also match different materials.