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Our Services

1. For all your inquiries about our products, you will be replied in detail within 24 hours;

2. We own well-trained and professional sales & after-sale service staff who can speak English fluently;

3. We offer OEM services, which can print your own logo on the product and customize the retail box packing and other things;

4. We have very experienced R&D engineers and a strong ability to do ODM projects.

After Sales Services

1. Quick reply on customers’ questions;

2. If anything goes wrong with the products’ quality, we will replace for you free and undertake the shipping cost.

3. We shall offer you a happy ordering experience.

Quality Control:
100% of the products will be tested before sending.

    Nationwide Shipping

    For all our products

    Quality Guaranateed

    Guaranteed Products

    Service After Sales

    Offered in the country of usage


    यस नेम्याक्स नेपाल ईन्डष्ट्रिज प्रा.लि. बिभिन्न प्रकारका औ२ोगिक उपकरणहरु र तिनमा प्रयोग हुने मेसिनरी पार्ट पुर्जाहरुको उत्पादन, जडान, आयात, निर्यात, खरिद, बिक्री तथा आवस्यकता अनुसार उक्त सामाग्रीहरुको मर्मत तथा सम्भार कार्य गर्ने उदेश्यले स्थापित कम्पनी हो । Read More…

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