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Our Services

1. For all your inquiries about our products, you will be replied in detail within 24 hours;

2. We own well-trained and professional sales & after-sale service staff who can speak English fluently;

3. We offer OEM services, which can print your own logo on the product and customize the retail box packing and other things;

4. We have very experienced R&D engineers and a strong ability to do ODM projects.

After Sales Services

1. Quick reply on customers’ questions;

2. If anything goes wrong with the products’ quality, we will replace for you free and undertake the shipping cost.

3. We shall offer you a happy ordering experience.

Quality Control:
100% of the products will be tested before sending.

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Nationwide Shipping

For all our products

Quality Guaranateed

Guaranteed Products

Service After Sales

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यस नेम्याक्स नेपाल ईन्डष्ट्रिज प्रा.लि. बिभिन्न प्रकारका औ२ोगिक उपकरणहरु र तिनमा प्रयोग हुने मेसिनरी पार्ट पुर्जाहरुको उत्पादन, जडान, आयात, निर्यात, खरिद, बिक्री तथा आवस्यकता अनुसार उक्त सामाग्रीहरुको मर्मत तथा सम्भार कार्य गर्ने उदेश्यले स्थापित कम्पनी हो । Read More…

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