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Nemax Nepal in NEPAL 5P Expo

Some glimpses of our participation in Nepal 5P on December 2019. Distinguished exclusively as the most wide-ranging industrial trade event of its kind in Nepal, Nepal 5P is the most crucial trading and technology transfer platform. Along with, It covers all the industrial aspects of Plastics, Printing, Packaging, Paper & Petrochemical sectors all under one […]

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यस नेम्याक्स नेपाल ईन्डष्ट्रिज प्रा.लि. बिभिन्न प्रकारका औ२ोगिक उपकरणहरु र तिनमा प्रयोग हुने मेसिनरी पार्ट पुर्जाहरुको उत्पादन, जडान, आयात, निर्यात, खरिद, बिक्री तथा आवस्यकता अनुसार उक्त सामाग्रीहरुको मर्मत तथा सम्भार कार्य गर्ने उदेश्यले स्थापित कम्पनी हो । Read More…

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