JS 12 – Black Fast Dry Ink Cartridge
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JS 12 – Black Fast Dry Ink Cartridge



We offer Original JS12 Black quick-dry ink cartridge with good adhesion and nice effect.

JS12 (solvent-based TIJ2.5 ink) HP Ink Cartridges is designed for industrial marking & printing applications.
JS12 Quick-Dry ink cartridges provide durable coding and marking. It also delivers fast dry times without heat assistance.
JS12 has strong adhesion on non-porous substrates such as aluminum, Plastic Bottle, Metal Cans, Plastic bags, pipe, boards, etc.
It is reliable print quality with extra sharpness.

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Meenjeet JS12 Ink Cartridge Overview
The Meenjet JS12 Black Ink is excellent for marking porous and non-porous substrates. The Meenjet JS12 dry time is typically instant to a few seconds but can take longer depending on application and environment conditions.

The Meenjet JS12 black ink offers excellent adhesion on glass, plastic, metal, aluminum, concrete, pipe, glossy boxes, film, corrugated boxes, paper and many other substrates.

Compatible Meenjet Printer Models
M3S, M6, M7, MX1, MX2, MX4

Part numberJS12 Model Fast Dry Black Ink Cartridge for Inkjet Coding Machine
Ink TypeSolvent-based
Cartridge typeJS12
ResolutionUp to 600DPI,recommended 300×300 dpi
Nozzle count300
Print swath12.7mm(0.5 inch)
Firing Voltage9.6V
Fire pluse width1.6us
Pluse WarmingOff
Decap Time60min (May vary depending on usage conditions)
Dry Time2-5s (May vary based on substrate)
Throw Distance2-6mm
Shelf Life6 months
Prnting   MaterialNon-porous substrates (Aluminum foil, PVC, PE, metal,Glass, PCB,   Plastic bags, Feeding plate, Aluminum alloy plate, Stainless steel plate,   etc.)
Printing Objects1D/2D Barcodes, Text, Logo, Counter, etc.
Cartridge Maintenance  & HandlingUse dry wipe to clean   pen before capping and storage
Operating Conditions15 to 30℃, 35 to   80%RH
-20 to 40℃, 20 to   80%RH